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Form running

Form running

Now those are  great acceleration forms  after  explosive starts that could be developed through proper training. Believe it or not, you can run a whole lot faster just by having the proper sprint technique. As you can see on the first image, once you react to the starter, you are supposed to keep your body at approximately a 45 degree angle to the ground. As you can see in the second image, you are supposed to try and maintain it for a distance of about 15-20 m.   Do that and you are sure to blow your competition away. That’s just theory. What actually counts is training and practice.



There are two types of people in this world. Those who are very talented and those who are very talented in watching others talents. Talent ranges from A-Z. You could be great in arts, academics or better yet, co-curricular activities. Some of us have the shark skills of Michael Phelps, others the arm power of Serena Williams, some the bending power of David Beckham, great sprint form of Allyson Felix or the lightning speed of Usain Bolt. Some have them, yet it lays within as a vast potential of untapped energy just waiting to be released.

Ever watched those international sprinters and how they explode out of the starting blocks with astounding power and neck-breaking speeds? They weren’t born that way. They focused and improved on their talents. There’s usually this false myth that speed is genetic and once you are born slow, you remain slow. That is totally far from the truth. Like with any other thing, practice makes perfect. Great sprint speed is developed through development and conditioning of certain muscles in our body known as fast-twitch fibre muscles through specific training.

Do you remember that day when you went to the bookshop to print your assignment but it was too crowded by those African timers as yourself, then you rushed to siwaka from the bookshop in less than a minute? If so, that’s some hidden potential you got. Maybe there was a time when you were rushing to class and didn’t want to be chased out by that strict lecturer who won’t allow anyone in who was 1 minute late. Surely, the time you took from the Strathmore entrance gate to your class was amazing. That tells you something. Also, there may have been this time when you were zooming to the exam room to avoid a retake which you would have definitely gotten due to being denied the exam as a result of lateness.

There you have it. If you’ve experienced any of these, or something similar you’re a natural sprinter and need to develop that great power on the track at the Strathmore training complex on Mon -Thurs at 5.45pm – 6.45pm and Fridays  at 3.00pm The focus will be mainly to develop 100m and 200m sprint ability.  By the way, the sports day is just around the corner. Usually, the last week of August and after that the inter-university games. So there is time to gain abilities that will blow away your competition.


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